These are great for a one-off campaign, where you know specific/fixed timings that you want to send messages, show banners or share content with users.

This could be for learning week, mental health week or maybe an event.

You should activate fixed campaigns at least 5 minutes prior, but for big campaigns with thousands of users it is best to leave at least an hour. With a huge campaign users won't join after it is activated if the action is scheduled too soon after the activation.


These are perfect for campaigns that you want to be able to keep sending to new users and work really well for on-boarding campaigns. You pick the day (day 0, day 4, day 12) and then users get the messages relative to when they match the target audience.

This is great for automation and saves lots of time. For example with the welcome email you got to introduce you to the Looop Community, this is relative so every-time someone new joins your company or Looop, they are added to an 'all users' group and get the welcome email.



Fixed: For fixed banners you tell Looop what date you want the banner to show from. E.g. 30th March - 15th April.

Relative: The banner can show from days you select, e.g. 0-13. This is instant on the specific day so no matter what time the user logs on the banner will show.


Fixed: You need to pick the date (e.g. 1st April 2020) and the time you want the email to send. This will be a one-off email.

Relative: You need to pick the day the email will send, and also the time e.g. day 0 at 2.30pm. If you add the users to a group on day 0 at 4.00pm, then the users will get the email 5 minutes later at 4.05.


Fixed: You choose the specific date or time you want to share the resource with a user. The user will then have access to the resource (and the entire workspace the resource is in), and it pins to their homepage too.

Relative: The resource will be shared on the day relative to being added to the campaign e.g. sharing a resource for a new starter on their day 3 (you add them on day 0), and you have to pick the time too.

We suggest sharing a resource and then sending a separate email at exactly the same time. This guide explains more.


Fixed: Same as resources, choose the specific date or time you want to give access to the pathway.

Relative: The user will have access to pathway relative to the day they match the target audience. This is great to stagger giving access to pathways so that the user does not feel overwhelmed. You have to pick a day and time.

We suggest sharing a pathway and then sending a separate email at exactly the same time. This guide explains more.


Fixed: You can schedule a text, slack notification or teams notification to send on a specific date at a specific time.

Relative: The text message/slack notification/teams notification will send relative to when the user matched the target audience. For example you could send a SMS on day 0 at 9am to a user so that they get a welcome text on their first day.

User Insight

Fixed: Choose a fixed date and time to send out a survey. This could be great way to send out an employee satisfaction survey on a chosen date.

Relative: Send a survey to a user relative to when they matched the target audience. This could be a great way to send a mid-week check in survey to a new starter for example.

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