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You can now add Multiple Senders to your account to determine who your Looop notifications come from.

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To enable Multiple Senders on your account, please contact Looop Support.


*Please note that once you add your first sender address, it will become the new default email for your Looop account. will no longer be your default sending email.


Once it has been enabled on your account, head to Account - Notifications. Under 'Sender details' you'll see the screen below:

Click 'add new sender' to add a new user. Please note users must have a valid email address as they will need to be verified once they're added as a new sender.

You are able to have one email address with different sender names, e.g.

  1. Sender name: Looop LMS | Sender address:

  2. Sender name: Looop Support | Sender address:

When you're happy with the sender's details, select save. Use the trash icon to delete any senders:

You'll then be able to monitor the verification status and have the option to resend the verification email:

You can continue to add senders using the add new sender button:

Once your senders are set up and verified, head to Campaigns and create a new campaign. You'll be able to choose the sender from the new drop down menu 'email sender' as below:

You're able to monitor which sender is selected for which action on the campaign summary page:

*Please note if you delete a sender that is used as part of an existing campaign the sender will revert back to the "Account Default" (which is the first sender email address that was set up) or if no other senders were set up, it will revert back to the "System Default" which is

The sender dropdown option also appears in Pathway direct shares, Event invites, User insight survey shares and Resource shares from workspaces.

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