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Personalise your campaigns

You can now personalise your campaigns using custom fields

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You can now add custom fields into your campaigns to personalise your messages. This means you could include your users first name on an email for example, so you are speaking directly to them, rather than creating generic messages.

To set this up, first contact to get this activated onto your account.

Once this is done, head to campaigns. Click add an action and choose send email or show a banner. You'll see text at the top saying 'view personalisation tags':

Select this and you'll be presented with the following screen:

As you can see there are many variables to choose from. Copy the variable you'd like to use and paste this into the text body as below:

You can click preview to view an example of how this will appear for the user:

Please note this will only work for user's that have updated their profile to match the fields. E.g. If a user doesn't have a first name set up then the variable won't be added for them, it will remain blank.

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