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I have updated a pathway but cannot see the update
I have updated a pathway but cannot see the update

You have edited a resource in a pathway or added a resource to the pathway but cannot see the change. Here's what to do.

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The most likely issue here is that you are enrolled in the old version of the pathway.

The reason we do this is to ensure when a user is reading content, it doesn't suddenly start changing or stop making sense. Users will see the version of the pathway that was there when they it was first shared or when they started it. 

Adding additional resources to a pathway

If you have shared the pathway and have completed it before new resources have been added, the only way to reset your pathway view is to reshare the pathway and select reset existing enrolments:

This is because sharing the pathway means you are enrolled in the specific version of the pathway at the time of sharing. This won't be automatically updated for users that completed this version of the pathway (however users that haven't started or are partway through completion will be able to see any additional resources that have been added.)

Editing existing resources in a pathway

If you have just made changes to existing resources in a pathway, rather than adding additional ones, you will be able to access the newest version of the resource in two ways. The first is to restart the new version by clicking the pop up below:

If the pop up doesn't appear, you can click get latest version at the top of the resource, which allows you to see the date you completed the resource and choose to reset the content to the last edited version:

You can also re-share the pathway with yourself with the "reset enrolments" toggled to YES to do a hard reset.

This article will help understand version control in more depth.

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