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What is the difference between campaigns and pathways?
What is the difference between campaigns and pathways?

Find out the difference between our features and make sure you are using the right terminology to prevent any confusion.

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Campaigns are our messaging tool, a way to send emails/texts/Slack/Teams notifications with users.

It is also a way to share content with users, you can use the share button to share pathways and resources with users.

Within your messaging you can send links to pathways/resources/workspaces/events and any external content too.


Pathways are a way to pull resources you already have on your platform into a course or journey for your users. 

When creating pathways the resources need to be in a workspace. The workspace can be open or private and users will still be able to view the resource in the pathway. 

You do not always need to use pathways to share content, it's only useful when sharing a group of resources either from the same workspace or multiple workspaces. This guide gives examples of when to use pathways. 

You can share pathways via campaigns by using the action button to share the pathway and you can also link to a pathway in an email.

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