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Find out how to use the reports tab within campaigns.

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The reports tab within campaigns shows you the actions of each user in more detail  within the campaign users have engaged with.

You are able to see a break down of the campaign and it will also help you to see at what stage/day of the campaign certain users are at.


On this below example we can see that Sarah has been sent the email, opened it and also clicked on the action link, therefore it is highlighted in green:

However, Rachel has also been sent the email but has not opened it or clicked the link, therefore this action is in light blue:


On this below example the banner for Rachel was scheduled for 5th November but she didn't see it until 7th November as she didn't login for 2 days. However Rachel only clicked the green action button on the banner on 19th December:

If you want to be able to report on the completion of content then you need to track this using the main analytics tool and most likely the workbooks tab:

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