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What to do if your resource won't publish.

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There are a couple of things to check if your resource doesn’t publish.

The most common issue we see is that there are empty elements on your resource. By elements we mean any of the element types as below.

Double check all of your elements have text/ videos/ links etc entered. If you find an empty element, you can delete it easily by selecting the x arrow when hovering to the top right of the element box.

Another common issue is not selecting answers if you have a single select or multi select quiz type

Single select quizzes require one answer to be selected and multi select quizzes require a minimum of one answer to be selected. If you wish to have a question with no necessary amount of answers, please choose the open or free text quiz type.

If you’re still unable to publish your resource after completing the checks above, please contact us at support@looop.co.

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