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Automatically chase users who haven't completed a resource/pathway
Automatically chase users who haven't completed a resource/pathway

You can now set up a campaign to chase users who haven't completed some training you want them to do.

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You can now automatically chase users who haven't completed a resource or pathway via campaigns.

This works great if you have set up a campaign similar to the one in this support guide.

You can then create a new campaign to target any new starters who haven't completed the Customer Privacy Pathway.

The campaign can be relative or fixed, if you were to do it for new starters then it could be day 12 you send the email to chase them. Or you may want to do a one off email to everyone in the company to complete their training.

In order to make the most of this feature, firstly choose your audience to be either pathway or resource (depending on whether you are chasing a pathway or resource).

Then choose user has an existing INCOMPLETE enrolment or NO enrolment:

This will then target those users who haven't completed the pathway and you can then send an email to let the user know they have been flagged as not completing the resource or pathway and they need to complete it.

You do not just have to set up one reminder email, you could set a series of emails to go out to nudge the user along.

Need to set a resource or pathway to automatically send to a user 6 months or a year after completion? Check out this article.

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