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Sharing resources/pathways in a campaign
Sharing resources/pathways in a campaign

Sharing a resource or pathway via a campaign means it get's pinned to the users homepage, and is easier to track via analytics.

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You can now share resources and pathways with the campaign function as well as the original feature of sending emails and displaying banners.

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The great reason for sharing the resource or pathway via campaigns is this will enrol your user in the resource or pathway so its easy to track on analytics. In addition the resource will be pinned to the homepage and will ensure the user does not miss it.

You can also set a completion date so the user knows it needs to be done by a certain time/date.

3. The screenshot below is a great example of a new starter campaign. You first send an email welcoming the new starter to the company and letting them know about Looop.

4. The next message on the screenshot above (day 3) is a GDPR pathway which is compulsory. You send an email to the user so it goes directly to their inbox, but also share the pathway at the same time so it is pinned to their homepage and they are enrolled in it.

Looop then shares a resource which will help the new starter pass probation (day 6), and finally another email wishing the new joiner success at the company.

Please note, as you are sending a campaign email you do not need to turn the share email on. However if you are sending just a pathway without an email then you must turn this on if you would like your users to receive an email notification.

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