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Importing new users to your contact list
Importing new users to your contact list

How to add users to your Looop account.

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To start adding new users to your contacts list, navigate to your dashboard and under account select people. Select invite new user to add a single user or bulk user import to add multiple users or upload CSVs. 

Add a single user

  1. Select invite new user and enter a first name, last name and email address. You can also add a job title and choose to make the user an admin on the account.

Add multiple users

  1. Select bulk user import to add the details for your users.  Simply separate each detail with a comma, and put every new user onto their own new line. Please note each line requires a comma, so if you're only adding email address please ensure you add a comma at the end as below.

Upload a CSV file

  1. Your CSV should remove all headings so the first row of text is the contact information you're adding to Looop.

2. Choose your file to upload and select submit. This method allows you to import your contacts directly from Outlook or any other email system, and is perfect for setting up a larger organisation.

If you are not sure how to export your Outlook contacts, here is a link to help:

3. Once you have entered your data or selected your file, you will be taken to a new screen where you will match up the data to available field types. One of your field types must be an email (unless you have account name login activated on your account - let us know if you want this feature, if so then one of the fields must be account name - see this guide), other field types can be selected from a list of supported types. 

Please note if your CSV includes duplicate emails, they must be removed before uploading to Looop or this will cause your CSV to fail to upload.

4. When you have matched your fields, select continue and you will then have the option of adding the users to a group or creating a field map. Field mapping means as long as CSV's are uploaded using the same columns (e.g. columns 1 and 2 are always first name and last name) then users can create a field map to save the association of CSV fields to our user fields and the data will be automatically sorted for them for future uploads. 

For the first time creating a ‘mapping’ choose New Mapping for Select a stored field map to use.

If your CSV list includes users who may already be on the account and just have updated information, select yes next to update existing users to ensure you don't create duplicate users.

Send your Looop account link to your new users and they will be asked to activate their account and set a new password to allow them to securely log in for the first time. 

Please note to access their account, all users must enter their email addresses without capitals.

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