We've introduced Pathways to create specific learning sequences for specific user groups. It's now easier than ever to create pathways using multiple workspaces and report on completion of a set of resources.

Here's how it works: 

  1. Select Pathways from your main dashboard

2. Select Manage Pathways and then Create a Pathway. Give your Pathway a title and then you're ready to start adding resources.

3. All of your published resources will be available to add to your Pathway. Select the resources you require and click add.

4. You can then re-order resources into a specific order / sequence using the arrow icon on the right hand side.

5. Once you're happy with the order and resources, select Access to choose your user groups. There's no limit to the amount of users or groups you can add. 

You also have the option to change the Pathway to open if you'd like it to be visible for everyone on the platform.

6. Select Publish to make your Pathway live. You can also use the Share option to set target completion dates and to send email notifications. 

7. Your users will be able to access the Pathway once you've published it and will only be able to unlock the next resource in the sequence after completing the first.

8. Use the Pathways tab in Analytics to track progress and report on completions of a set of resources.

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