Does your company require or keep track of Continuing Professional Development (CPD, CEU, CME, CLE) opportunities? You may be interested in Looop's CPD feature! To enable CPD on your account please contact support.

Once it has been added to your account, head to Account - Customise. Select yes under Allow CPD requirement and scroll to the bottom of the page to save:

You can then start setting CPD requirements for groups. Head to Account - Groups and click on the group you'd like to set. Click the settings toggle and enable CPD for this group:

The required hours are preset to 100, however, you can select a number of your choosing. You're only able to set the required hours for the current year we're in and this will automatically follow on to the next year, so if you need to change the hours for next year this will need to be done from 1st January 2021 onwards.

Once you've set the required CPD hours for the group, you're able to view an individual's progress by going to Account - People. The blue number will show you the user's current progress:

Click on a user's profile and select the CPD portfolio tab to view this more in detail:

User's can track their CPD progress via this tab too and they can also manually upload evidence of offline learning which will be added to their total CPD hours for the year:

Their CPD progress will also be visible on their main dashboard homepage.

Progress is calculated as user's access resources, pathways or events. It takes around a minute to recalculate, so don't worry if you don't see the changes straight away.

If a user is part of multiple groups that have CPD requirements, their hours will be set for whichever group they're part of that has the highest requirement.

For example if a user was in Group 1 that had 100 hours set and Group 2 that had 150 hours, their requirement would be set to 150 hours.

To disable the CPD requirement for a group, simply head back to the group's settings and disable the toggle.

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