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CPD - Continuous Professional Development
CPD - Continuous Professional Development

CPD allows users to track and record their learning in and outside of Looop. Here's how it works...

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In many professions, there is a requirement to track and report on Continuous Professional Development (CPD). This can be professional development and learning that is done within the organisational context, but it can also be additional learning that happens outside of the working environment. This could be additional qualifications, attending webinars or conferences or even reading documents and watching videos.

Wherever this CPD takes place, Looop can support the capture and tracking of this learning and display it within the Activity History area within Looop. This guide will provide the necessary information to set this up and how it works.

To enable CPD within Looop, you must first contact the support team via helpdesk or request this from your Customer Success contact.

Once enabled, you can then switch on the CPD feature from within the customise area within your Looop admin settings and click save.

Image Looop Labs - Activity history

Once enabled, you can then enable CPD functionality at group level. Either by adding CPD to an existing group or creating a specific group for anyone who requires to track and capture CPD.

Within Group settings (the settings cog) you will see the feature toggle.

Image Looop Labs - Activity history

Any users in the Group will now have CPD enabled on their account and will be able to mark resources as CPD, upload CPD evidence manually and see their CPD record within the Activity History tab in the menu.

Marking a resource as CPD

Within each resource a user will now be able to mark the learning as CPD evidence to count towards their CPD record. This toggle is found at the bottom of every resource they complete.

Image Looop Labs - Activity history

Once this is toggled on, the resource will be captured as CPD evidence in the CPD Record.

Image Looop Labs - Activity history

The CPD record in Activity History

The Activity History tab within the menu will provide a breakdown of all learning completed within Looop and will also now show the CPD records and hours as part of this. A user can change the date filter and also choose to show ONLY CPD records using the button in the top right corner.

The top row will show an overview of the number of activities completed or still in progress and their status as well as Total hours and CPD hours.

This time in hours (6 minute increments) is generated from the time set (read time) at resource level and NOT actual time spent in each resource.

Image Looop Labs - Activity history

The information in each column includes:

  • Activity Name - the Resource title and if it is part of a workspace, pathway or certificate.

  • Status - Complete / In Progress / Failed / Attended (if marked as attended an event)

  • Started & Completed date

  • Score (if applicable)

  • Version of the resource

  • Duration in time

  • If it’s marked as CPD activity.

If a user didn’t mark a resource as CPD within the actual resource at the time of completion, they can mark this learning as CPD manually via the check box and bulk actions - they can both mark and unmark a resource as CPD using this functionality.

Image Looop Labs - Activity history

Image Looop Labs - Activity history

Adding External Activity to the CPD record

A user can click the + Add external activity to add manual CPD evidence. Once clicked a pop out appears with the information that a user can add including

  • Activity name

  • Duration (hours and minutes)

  • Source (optional)

  • Start date / completed date

  • Description

  • File attachment (e.g certificate, image, document etc)

Image Looop Labs - Activity history

Once a user has added this information they can then click ‘Add Activity’ and this activity will then be added to the users record and be included as part of the CPD record.

Image Looop Labs - Activity history

Downloading a CPD report

If a user is required to demonstrate and then send their evidence to comply with specific professional bodies and criteria, the CPD record can be downloaded as a CSV spreadsheet.

Image Looop Labs - Activity history

Disabling CPD

To disable the CPD requirement for a group, simply head back to the group's settings and disable the toggle.

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