It's easy to schedule and manage your face-to-face events using Looop.

First select events on your main dashboard:

Select manage events and then create a new event. Give your event a title and set it to public if it's open to all users or private if it's for specific user groups:

Fill in the fields with the details of the event. Ensure the end time is later than the start time and the timezone is set correctly for your organisation. If it is an online meeting or you need to link resources this can be done in the description field using the link icon.

Once the details have been entered, select publish and then select the attendance tab to invite users. Select invite people & groups and start typing the email address(es) of the user(s) you wish to invite or use the people icon to select users from a list. You also have the option to send the invite via email:

To set places or add tags to your event, select the settings icon and update the number next to places available. There's no limit to the number of tags you can enter and this will allow users to easily find events relevant to them if you're creating multiple events:

Your event is now ready and can be tracked within the manage events area. Here you can filter by tags, status, order or search to ensure you can keep on top of your events easily and without fuss.

Making changes to events

A notification will pop up when you make changes to the event, asking if you'd like to share the updated event details:

Image Looop Labs - 1) Looop Academy

Choose your sender and then select send if you'd like invited users to receive a notification about the update, or select do not send if you wish to 'silently' make the changes.

PLEASE NOTE: If you make changes to the date or time of your event after it's already been published, your attendance list will be reset as below:

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Any previous responses will change to no response and users will need to mark their attendance again.

Please do not change the time or date unless you have a copy of the attendance saved so this can manually be rectified after you save your changes.

Want to integrate your Looop events with Google Calendar? Head to this resource.

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