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A resource is a single 'lesson'. It can be made up of many elements (videos, quizzes, etc) and can be formatted as a single page (like this one), as a slide-show or as a SCORM course.


A theme is a sub-category of a workspace where you can organise your resources into sections.


A workspace is a collection of resources. Every resource must belong to a workspace. User access to resources is controlled through workspaces.


A pathway is a 'playlist' or 'course' made up of many resources. Pathways can be 'linear', forcing users to complete the resources in a particular order.


A campaign is an automated workflow that allows admins to set up a sequence of actions triggered either on a specific date/time OR a specific number of days 'into' the campaign. Users are added and removed from a campaign 'audience' via filters. When a user first matches the filter they are added to (start) the campaign, and when they no longer match they are removed.


A face-to-face or online training session is called an 'event'. Events have times and places, and people are invited and can RSVP to book their spot.


The survey tool can enable you to gain unique insights into user challenges and how to best overcome them.


Dashboards allow you to compile data and analytics for different campaigns, pathways, workspaces, resources, events and user insights - all in one place!

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