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Branding for different size devices
Branding for different size devices

How to make sure your content looks amazing on desktop, tablet AND mobile.

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It used to be that you'd create content and be able to publish without having to think about the different types of devices. Well, not anymore! Whether it's desktop, tablet or mobile, our users are using all sorts of devices to access content whether it's on-the-go or sat at a desk.

If you want to quickly see what your resource content will look like on mobile/tablet without having to publish, then you might be logging in on your mobile device and finding your resource, seeing things you'd like to change, and then going back to your computer to make those edits? Yeah... We know....

But we're here to tell you, there's actually an easier way!

First, right click while in your Looop browser window and select 'inspect' from the options (it's usually found at the bottom).

Next, you'll see some coding [[which is actually really helpful to send to the Looop support team if you're ever having an issue (but this post isn't about that)]].

It should look something like this and take up the right half of your browser screen:

Then you'll want to click the icon that looks like this:

It's located directly to the left of the word 'Elements' in the toolbar.

Once you click on this, you'll notice your browser screen on the left becomes skinny and long. This is how the resource will look on your phone. You can drag the screen size wider or smaller for different phone/tablet sizes or you can use the dropdown (labeled 'Responsive' to select the phone/tablet size you wish to see):

Typical options include Moto G4, Galaxy S5, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, iPhone 5/SE, iPhone 6/7/8 (Plus), iPhone X, iPad, iPad Pro, Surface Duo, and Galaxy Fold.

We hope this helps you know that the content you developing looks great on EVERY size device!

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