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Examples of Looop branding
Examples of Looop branding

Some examples to bring branding to life from customers who have given us permission to share

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It is completely up to you how you approach branding in Looop. There are many different areas in which you can add your imagery but our advice is to think about the overall design of your Looop site. This means you can create consistency and a similar look and feel across the whole site rather than things looking disjointed. Here are some examples used by Looop customers


Jacquie Foster wanted to use a mix of icons and colours to help identify different types of workspace and content. As well as using a nice pathway banner approach to change the colour of the progress bar in line with their branding.


Nick Taylor took a different approach and blended patterns and employee images to create a unique look and feel for both workspaces and pathways


And finally, don't forget you can add your branding to each workspace to make it look and feel more like a web page than a standard workspace as this example from ASOS shows.

As you can see from the examples above you can create great-looking Looop sites in line with your employer brand. If you're proud to show off your own Looop designs head over to this post on the user community and post them up in the comments.

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