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Campaign banner and Email branding
Campaign banner and Email branding

Things to consider for you when creating your campaign branding

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We will cover this in much more detail in the Using Campaigns resources but it's good to understand and start thinking about the importance of branding in your campaigns as you can brand both campaign banners and emails in Looop.

It's worth thinking about any marketing campaigns that you can remember.

What made them stand out?

What made you interact with them by opening them and clicking on them?

In Digital Marketing, Open Rates (OR) and Click Through Rates (CTR) are the key indicators of success. The same measurements can and will be used to validate the success and effectiveness of your Looop campaigns.

There are lots of things that can impact how effective your campaigns will be:

  • Relevance

  • Perceived value

  • Compelling subject lines

  • Strong Call To Action (CTA's)

  • Awareness

  • Story-Telling

  • Branding / Association

and of course answering the WIIFM (What's In It For Me)...

For inspiration here are some great examples of Digital Marketing Campaigns to inspire you

and here is some useful information on what make a good email subject line

Finally check out this resource on creating strong CTA's

Whilst some of these example won't work for the type of campaigns and initiatives you'll be working with, there is a lot we can learn and apply from these examples.

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