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Images & Banners in Looop

An overview of where you can add images on Looop and the ideal dimensions.

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There are numerous places you can add your own images to brand the look and feel of Looop for your users.

Below is a list of where images & banners can be added:

  • Toolbar Logo

  • Workspace cover banners

  • Workspace bookmark banner

  • Workspace description box

  • Resource cover banners

  • Text & images element in resources

  • Pathway cover banners

  • Campaigns - main banners and email banner

Please note Looop also supports GIFs as campaign and resource banners

We often hear questions like:

  • What is the best size for my resource cover images?

  • How is the banner image cropped?

  • Why does my cover image crop out the text?

  • How do we resize and crop images on Looop?

Consider this example:

The image clearly will not fit into the display container:

So, we reduce the size of the image until one axis (horizontal or vertical) fits. In this case, the horizontal axis fits first. The image is centred in the container, so that the centre of the image is placed at the centre of the container. Then any 'extra' image is cropped in this way, regardless of the size and shape of the image you upload, Looop will always display it perfectly fitting the container. However it is worth noting that this process does not take into account what is in the image.

That's good to know, but what size image should I upload?

Often you'll want to control exactly how your images will be presented on Looop, especially if they want to use text in the images and need to ensure that it doesn't get cropped. This is a little tricky, because we change the size of the 'containers' depending on what sort of device you're using Looop on.

For mobile, the containers are different to those for desktop web. So there is no 'perfect' size or format to use, however by being aware of the container ratios and understanding how resizing works you can create images that will look good in any setting.

Campaign banner:

• Desktop: 3:1 (3x as wide as it is high)

• Tablet: 5:2

• Mobile: 5:4

Resource banner:

• Desktop: 2.5:1 (2.5x as wide as it is high)

• Tablet: 5:2

• Mobile: 5:2

Workspace banner:

• Desktop: 5:4 (1.2x as wide as it is high)

• Tablet: 5:4

• Mobile: 1:1

Pathway banner:

• Desktop/tablet: varies widely - from 4:1 to 2:1

• Mobile: 5:2

The image/banner sizes we recommend for best results are:

Resource images (in text & image builder): 710px wide and more

Resource cover banners: 310 x 120px and more

Workspace cover banners: 217 x 174px and more

Workspace bookmark banners: 327px X 98px and more

Workspace description box: 1300px wide

Pathway banner: 632 x 160px and more

Campaign banner: 964 x 332px and more

Campaign email banner: 568px wide and more

Certifications: 210 x 297mm or 8-1/4 x 11-3/4Inches or 420 x 595px (opposite for horizontal orientation)

In cases where there is no specified recommended height, image can be as tall as you wish. In cases where both the recommended height and width images with different aspect ration will be cropped with this pattern:

Logo: The logo that goes on the banner at the top of your domain can be a maximum height of 128px and maximum width of 250 px (.jpeg or .png).

There is an abundance of stock image sites that offer free images. Our favourites include:

Another great approach to getting images for your account is to use company photos from your website or social pages. You could also take photos whilst working or around the office.

We also recommend the tools Canva, which is a graphic design platform and offers a range of free templates to use and Adobe Spark which again is free to use and allows you to create templates that can be accessed via a team and used to create a consistent set of resources quickly and easily.

For GIFs, you can use a free GIF maker here

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