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Branding in Looop
An overview of branding on Looop
An overview of branding on Looop

An overview of the basics including choosing a logo, changing fonts and creating a custom sender address.

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On Looop you can easily customise the look of your organisation account to reflect your employer brand.

Add a logo and customise your brand colours

To add your logo and customise the colours on the platform, head to account - customise:

Scroll to the bottom until you reach branding:

There are a range of fields you can change the colour for. You can select your chosen colour from the preset colours by clicking the coloured square, or enter your HEX code:

Upload your logo using the choose image option:

Once you're happy with your toolbar and logo choices, hit save and refresh the page to view changes.

Add your own font

You're able to change the standard Looop font to a web font of your choice. To do this, simply send over the Web Font file which should be in TTF / OTF / WOFF format to and we can implement that for you.

Please note we're only able to add one font type.

Add a custom sender email address

Notifications from your account are preset to come from If you would like notifications to come from an email address like this can be set up by going to account - notifications:

Scroll down to sender details and enter the email address and name you'd like the notifications to come from:

Please note the email address will need to be verified before any notifications will come from the address, so it's important that you have access to it

Adding custom sender details does run the risk of Looop notifications being rejected by your SMTP. To avoid this issue, please check with your IT department if there is an Anti-Spoofing filter enabled on your SMTP. If there is, please contact before enabling sender details and request to enable Domain-based Message Authentication and Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) policy to authenticate the emails. You can send this policy to your IT team and they can add this to your email system.

We will then send you records to update your DNS settings so emails can get through and be sent successfully.

Want to add multiple senders? Check out this guide.

Your branding is really important, where possible involve someone from your brand or marketing team who can give you the brand guidelines and access to any logos or colours. You can change the toolbar colour to see which one looks the best, the toolbar colour drops down when campaign banners are shown so it's important to use a colour that works

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