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Microsoft OneDrive & SharePoint integration
Microsoft OneDrive & SharePoint integration

Guide to show you how to link files from OneDrive & SharePoint in to resources in Looop

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Follow these steps to embed your Microsoft OneDrive and Sharepoint files into Looop.

To get Microsoft OneDrive and Sharepoint enabled on your account, please contact your Client Success Manager or Looop Support.

Once Microsoft OneDrive and Sharepoint has been enabled, go into the resource builder and choose Microsoft file from the elements list:

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Click either pick file from OneDrive or Sharepoint (Click the Blue Cloud image) or embed the link of your Microsoft Form: Please note this link is ONLY for MS Forms and not other documents.

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You'll be asked to log in to your Microsoft account:

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Once you're logged in, you'll see two options - public and private:

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There are a few things to consider before selecting between the two.

If you select public and choose a file from SharePoint you might notice it shows access denied. This means your organisation doesn't allow files to be publicly shared from Sharepoint. You can contact your administrator and ask for this restriction to be lifted or alternatively choose a file from OneDrive instead.

If your OneDrive is set to private it won’t open, it needs to be public and uploaded from your drive, not the shared library. Please note if your users aren’t logged into their Microsoft account, then none of the files will work for them.

So as a rule, for public: Use OneDrive with the access set to public.

For private: Use Sharepoint's shared library. Only members that can view the shared drive can access it in the resource.

When choosing while file to load into Looop, you'll be able to view your own OneDrive files as well as any shared libraries you're part of as below. Please note this pop up only opens once after you click private or public, so you may need to minimise your current browser if you don't see it appear straight away:

Image Looop Labs - 1) Looop Academy

Select the file you'd like and it will be embedded into Looop, and can be expanded using the Open page reader button:

Image Looop Labs - 1) Looop Academy

You can upload Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, Powerpoint Presentations, Videos and Microsoft Forms and these will all be embedded into your resource.

Please note : Microsoft doesn't support the embedding of PDF's in this way. If you need to embed a PDF we suggest exploring using the IFRAME component but this may not be possible due to your organisational settings.


In order to be able to view Microsoft files, your users will need to have Cookies enabled. To ensure you have the right cookie settings and sharing permissions, please visit for OneDrive or for Sharepoint.

It's also important to ensure your users are logged into their Microsoft accounts, or they will see the screen as below asking them to sign in:

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