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Microsoft Teams Integration
Microsoft Teams Integration

How to add & customise the Looop Microsoft Teams bot

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The integration with Microsoft Teams allows you to sent notifications to your users via campaigns to Teams.

The notification will look like the below:

In order to send a team's notification, choose the 'send message' option in campaigns and then choose Microsoft Teams in the dropdown.


Download bot manifest .zip package from here:

To upload the .zip manifest package into your Microsoft Teams app click on Upload a custom app and select the zip file you have downloaded in previous step.

Add Looop bot into team or multiple teams which users should be able to receive notifications from Looop bot via campaigns.

In Apps click on Build for … and select team or multiple teams you want the bot be added into:

Before being able to receive the notifications please make sure that Microsoft Teams integration is enabled in Looop app Account Settings.

You can also customise the MS Teams bot if you wish. You can provide a bot name, logo (192 x192 pixels) and a short description. We will then provide a new manifest file for you to upload to Teams. The MS Teams bot provides a different channel to incorporate in to your campaigns and can get great results as this community post describes here

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