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Discover why users appear in your email blocklist.

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The email blocklist is a great way to keep track of any email addresses that may be incorrect on the system or have been flagged as blocked to ensure your notifications are sent to the correct place.

There are a couple of reasons for an email address to end up in the email block list. Firstly, the email would be rejected due to the email address being incorrect on the platform. This is rectified by amending the user's email address.

Secondly, if a user flags an email as spam or blocks the sender on your account, any email notifications you send will be rejected. To rectify this, the user needs to whitelist the sender email or remove it from their blocked list. After this is actioned, please contact Looop Support so we can remove the email from our blocklist too.

To view your email blocklist, go to 'account - email blocklist'

You'll see an edit icon next to user's that have incorrect email addresses, along with amend email address:

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Any contact us messages are usually related to the email server rejecting the notifications and marking them as spam.

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