Creating groups allows you to assign content to a group of people, and provide access to workspaces, pathways and events. You can also use groups as audiences in campaigns so it's important to think carefully about which groups you will need.

Creating a group

To create a group go to account - groups. Then click on create a group and name your group.

Add users to a group individually

To add a user to a group, click on the group you wish to add the user to, then click add to group:

Find the user and click add. You can do this for just one user or repeat the process for multiple. Once you're happy with the user(s) you'd like to add, select add to group:

Add users to a group in bulk

You can upload a CSV with the users you wish to add to a group. This may be a group of new starters, group of new managers or just an all users group.

Head to account - people. Click on bulk user import, and upload your CSV as per this support guide, then choose the group you wish to add the users too. If the users are already on the account, make sure you click update existing users so it doesn't duplicate their information and just adds them to the group:

Please note if the user is already uploaded to the platform then all you need to do is upload their email address or account name as their additional information will already be saved on the platform from previous uploads.

If you have many groups and lots of people we recommend you use CSV as a way to add people in to groups quickly and easily. It means creating different CSV files but it saves you having to manually move people in to groups. As an example you may have a master CSV file with everyone in and these users can be added to an ALL USER group on initial upload.

You may then create groups for departments or locations e.g.

  • UK Head Office

  • UK Stores

  • US Head Office

  • US Stores

Just filter your master CSV file to ONLY include those people - you MUST delete the other users. Then upload those users to the group when you upload the CSV file - this will not duplicate existing users and allows you to quickly add people to your groups.

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