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Managing Users in Looop
Managing Users in Looop

This resource details how to add and manage users in Looop

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Adding users

To start adding new users to your platform, select account - people. Select add a new user to add a single user or bulk user import to add multiple users or upload CSVs.

Add a single user

Select Add new user and enter a first name, last name, and email address. These three fields are necessary to add a user to Looop; however, you can also add a job title, assign the user to a group and choose to make the user an administrator on the account:

If you do not have a job title/role or a group you'd like to add them to at this time, please leave them blank.

Add multiple users

You have two choices here upload via CSV file or enter details manually.

When adding details manually, simply separate each detail with a comma, and put every new user onto their own new line. Please note, First, Last and Email are required fields:

You can then map the user data into the relevant fields using the drop-down menu as below:

Fields Available

You have a number of fields available to add user data to Looop. The list available is shown below

Upload a CSV file

Your CSV file should not include headings so the first row of text is the contact information you're adding to Looop:

Once you have your CSV file formatted correctly with a column for each field, head to bulk user import - upload CSV file:

This method allows you to import your contacts directly from Outlook or any other email system, and is perfect for setting up a larger organisation.

Once you have entered your bulk user data or uploaded your CSV file, you will be taken to a new screen where you will match up the data to available field types. One of your field types must be an email (unless you have account name login activated on your account, then one of the fields must be account name - see this guide). Other field types can be selected from the drop down list

Please note if your CSV includes duplicate or missing emails, they must be removed before uploading to Looop or this will cause your CSV to fail to upload.

If your CSV or bulk user upload includes users who may already be on the account and just have updated information, select yes next to update existing users to ensure you don't create duplicate users. This page allows you to bulk add users into a single group by using the drop down menu:

What happens when you add a new user

When you add a user to your environment they do not receive a notification to tell them you have added them. This puts you in charge of when you add users and how you let them know about your platform.

There are many ways to let a user know about your platform and get them to login. The main way is through a specific launch campaign, but you can share a resource or pathway as well, we will cover this in more detail later.

You can also send out direct invites by sharing your Looop domain with the user(s), which we explain in further detail below.

Direct Invite

Admin users can invite new users directly from account - people. Once you've added the users details onto the platform, you can then share your Looop URL with those users. Once they add their email your new users will be sent an activation link to a secure login after entering their email address on the platform for the first time. When they click on this activation link, they will be asked to set up a password:

After setting their password they will be directed to the main homepage, where they'll be able to see any open or private workspaces and pathways you have added them to.

Verified users on your account will show with a green tick next to their name in account - people:

Verified = they have clicked on the activation email that we first send to users when they login initially:

Deleting users

You have the option to remove users one by one or to bulk delete.

To remove them one by one head to account - people. Select the user you wish to delete and click archive user:

To bulk delete users without selecting them one-by-one using the method above, create a group called 'to delete / users to delete':

Bulk upload a CSV of all your users you wish to delete and add them to the delete group. Ensure you select update existing users, not skip, to prevent any duplicate users:

Go to account - people and filter by the delete group:

Next to actions, tick the box to highlight all the users on the page, click the drop down and select archive:

Please note you can only do one page at a time.

User's can be reinstated at a later date, you can either re-add their details to the platform or ask your Looop contact to reinstate them for you.

Analytics are also visible for archived users by selecting the include archived option.

Email Blocklist

We now blocklist emails for which we receive Bounce or Complaint. To view these, head to account - email blocklist:

This is a feature that allows admin to see why the email was blacklisted and to copy the full error message to send to your IT team.

If the reason is 'wrong email address' it also allows you to amend the email address. Learn more in this guide.

We recommend you use the different types of ways to upload users and the first time you upload users do it manually. This could be for your team or a small pilot group. Then use a CSV upload to add a selection of users and add them in to a group. This will help build your confidence as you work towards adding your entire organisation. Please note that adding a user to your Looop platform does not send an invite email. A campaign must be curated to send a formal invitation to the platform.

If you'll be looking at using "user provisioning" to add users to your platform, we cover this in other guides.

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