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Setting up your account (the basics)
Setting up your account (the basics)

Learn the basics of setting up your account, including how to set business hours and timezones.

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You have the ability to choose the business hours of your account, the timezone the account is set to and your account URL and name. These are explained in further detail below.

Set an account URL and account name

To get started, navigate to your homepage, select account (top right side) and then customise. Here you can change the name of your organisation, and change your Looop domain.

The Looop team will have already set an account name and URL on your behalf, but should you wish to change them you can do so here. Once you're done, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click save. Your changes will not take effect until this is done.

Set time zone

You can set your account time zone on the same page as listed above for setting your account URL and account name. To do this use the drop down menu under time zone.

This sets the time zone for your account, however user's also have the option to choose their own time zone for the profiles. This is really important if you're organisation works across different time zones. To do this, they can click their profile icon on the top right of the screen and click edit profile.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and use the dropdown menu under time zone. Click update details to save any changes made.

Setting business hours

You can set business hours on your Looop account to restrict the times someone is contacted, so even if they are most active at 11pm, you have a way of restricting any campaign messages to a time window you wish to set as a rule for the business. When using Smart Scheduling this also means that messages will ONLY be sent during business hours or hours you are happy for communications to be sent.

To activate this, head to account - customise and select the campaigns tab. Select enable business hours and choose the times you'd like:

Choose a language

You can change the language for the whole account or individual users can change the language for just their profiles.

To change the language on the account (for everyone), head to account - customise:

Select the dropdown under language and choose one of the options:

Make sure you scroll to the bottom and click save to make changes.

To change the language on your own profile or another user's profile, head to account - people and click the user's profile. Scroll down to the language dropdown and select a language. Click update details to make the changes:

You can change your domain URL if you need to, BUT we recommend you agree on your domain as early as possible. You can have or you can brand your domain in line with a department or team e.g. / /

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