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What support is available to me?
What support is available to me?

Understand how you can access support, our SLA's and how to raise any issues.

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How to use the Looop helpdesk function

When you are on your own domain the easiest way to get support is to head to our Intercom Helpdesk which is accessed by clicking the icon in the bottom right hand corner. Here you have the option to search in our support guides in the first instance or to speak directly with the support team by using the chat function:

When using our support guides - you can follow step by step whilst the guide is still up (so no switching screens, multiple tabs & getting confused!)

You could even watch one of our videos whilst building a campaign:

Hours of Support & Support Services

Looop will provide customer care via the Intercom Helpdesk Monday - Friday from 6am-10pm GMT / 1am -5pm EST.

Channel Partners will provide separate support SLA’s based on the terms & conditions agreed to in their contract.

Terms of Support

Support via the Intercom Helpdesk is based on the severity of the issue. The details related to each of the different Helpdesk Services are below:

Severity Descriptions

Urgent/ Severe

Critical issue affecting all users, including system unavailability, with no workaround available. Example: Platform is down.


Persistent issue which is affecting many users and/or impacting user experience. Reducing the performance of the platform significantly, with no reasonable workaround available. Example: Specific function is down e.g. Campaigns not sending.


Intermittent issue within the platform, often accompanied by temporary workarounds or affecting some but not all users. Example: Error messages appearing when uploading users individually but bulk user upload works.


General enquiries on using the platform or small issues which otherwise do not require immediate attention and have a workaround. Example: Anything unrelated to Looop platform (such as SCORM file issues), or guidance required with how to use the platform.

Service Level Targets*

Severity - Urgent

First Reply - 15 mins

Resolution/Mitigation ETA - 5 hrs or as soon as feasible or practical.

Severity - High

First Reply - 1 business hour

Resolution/Mitigation ETA - 24 hrs or as soon as feasible or practical.

Severity - Medium

First Reply - 2 business hours

Resolution/Mitigation ETA - As soon as feasible or practical.

Severity - Low

First Reply - 3 business hours

Resolution/Mitigation ETA - None.

*Urgent SLA applies only to issues notified via Intercom Support Desk or and confirmed as Urgent by Looop.

What information do I need to provide when raising an issue or bug?

The following list is what we need from you in order to effectively assist you with the issue/bug you are experiencing:

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