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There are a number of ways to give access to or share pathways. Whether you want to give a user or group access to useful resources to support them with a particular subject quickly or whether it's part of a longer or more structured campaign.

Direct share via Pathways

The first is via the Pathway itself by using the Manage Pathway tab located in the top right-hand corner of the pathways homepage. This Manage Pathway button can also be accessed from an individual Pathway and is only visible to full administrators.

Once you have selected Manage Pathway in your pathway you will be in edit mode and can see the 'Access' tab

Click the Access tab and you will be able to set permissions to either public (visible to everyone on the Pathways homepage) or private (ready to be shared via a campaign, by adding a group(s) or giving individuals access).

Please note: giving users access to a pathway this way DOES NOT share the Pathway with those users and it does not create an enrolment, it just provides the ability for them to see the pathway and self-enroll.

If you are looking to share the Pathway directly which creates an enrolment you can select the share button located in the top right-hand corner of the screen

Once you select the Share button you will be presented with the following options. This will create trackable pathway enrolments for those you share the pathway with.

  • Enter names or email addresses or groups - who you wish to share the pathway. Once shared the pathway will be pinned to their homepage.

  • Target completion date - this will show on the user's homepage as part of the pinned information and will be the date used in analytics to show overdue enrolments.

  • Reset Progress - when disabled (toggled off by default) this will share the latest version with users including those with an existing enrolment to show newly added resources, clear failed quiz scores, updated pathway completion % and will create a new version in analytics, archiving the old enrolment for anyone in mid progress.

  • Reset Progress - when enabled (toggled on) this will clear all existing enrolments and reset any progress so a user will need to complete all resources within the pathway again. The typical use case for this would be new regulatory content that users need to complete again.

  • Send share emails - when toggled on (by default it is) a notification will be shared with the user advising them that the person sharing the pathway has shared a pathway with them.

  • Email Sender - When multiple senders have been added you can choose which email address is associated with the share notification.

  • + Add Message - you can add a short unformatted message with the email notification, this is not the same as 'send email' in a campaign and is not intended to be long or detailed as it will be block text. You cannot for example add hyperlinks or images.

Share via Campaigns

Once you've set up your campaign, click add an action - Share pathway:

You will then be able to choose one or more pathways to share.

Once you have selected the pathway or pathways you can click add and this will then have selected the content you will share as part of this action. If you click multiple pathways all of these pathways will be shared at the same time and have the same target completion date (if set).

Once you add the pathway(s) you will see a screen similar to the Pathways share screen above.

You can see which pathway(s) have been selected to share

Additional Settings

  • Email sender - when available you can select which email will send this pathway share action.

  • Email message (optional) - this email message again is unformatted and should be used for short and quick messages or instructions and cannot include customised elements such as images and hyperlinks. This message will only be sent IF the send share email toggle is ON. If the Send share email is toggled to OFF then NO notification will be sent but the pathway will still be pinned to the home - when content is shared in a campaign without the send share email toggled on it's called a SILENT SHARE.

  • Reset Progress - exactly the same functionality as within a direct pathway share. A typical user case to reset progress in a campaign would be for annual compliance training and after one year you wish all users to complete the pathway again. Toggling Reset Progress ON will clear previous enrolments and archive them and create a brand new enrolment.

Once you have configured the share settings you can then schedule the action in line with your other campaign actions and timeline.

In a campaign, you want to create the best experience possible so we do recommend using the Silent Share option when you wish to send more detailed and better-looking communications. A typical structure could be where you share the pathway WITHOUT the shared email (silent share) and then follow up after this with an email notification. We recommend where possible to share the pathway at least 15 mins before you send the email to ensure it's been shared first.

Your email share can then be customised with a specific subject line and you can add more images and formatting as well as add a tailored call to action (CTA) which links to the pathway directly (you would grab the pathway URL and add it into the button link). So your campaign actions would look like this

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