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You can find all Quiz results in Analytics by clicking on the Menu button and selecting Analytics.

In Analytics you can now select the Resources Tab. You may also filter the dates, filter by Workspace or Group based on the quiz results you want to generate. You can also exclude admins and include archived results in the toggle buttons on the top right.

You then search for and find the Resource that has the quiz in it. And find the result in that quiz.

From this screen we have selected the resource ‘Test’, once you click into that specific resource you can see more tabs:

  • Activity - the name of people of have access to the resource and the number of views

  • Enrollments - the number of completions of this resource by a person.

  • Quiz Results - the collective view of quiz results across all enrollments.

  • Versions - the version history associated with this resource.

The two areas we’re going to focus on are Enrollments and Quiz Results.


In the Enrollments tab, you will see all users who have an active enrollment, you will have all incomplete or completed enrolments and the score associated with the quiz. If there is a pass icon, this means the assessment has been given a pass mark within the quiz settings, (as shown for Mike Collins). If there isn’t a pass mark associated with the quiz, you will still see the quiz score but in grey

If the quiz has failed, the pass mark will show as failed. Where multiple quiz attempts have been enabled you will need to toggle 'Include Archive' on to see the previous attempts. This toggle is found in the top right of the analytics page.

For a quiz that has been built using the Looop quiz feature, you can export the CSV file and get access to all responses for all quiz questions including free-text responses.

For SCORM resources with quiz functionality, this may not be possible due to the way that SCORM files pass quiz information to Looop. We recommend when you are looking to report on and track quiz scores that SCORM 2004 standard is used. We also recommend you test any SCORM quizzes to ensure the data you need is being tracked and reported.

Quiz Results

From the Quiz results, you will see an aggregated view of each question which will show the number of times it’s answered correctly or incorrectly. This can help you identify questions that have been answered incorrectly and show gaps in knowledge that need to be addressed or questions that could be improved.

This aggregated view may not be available for SCORM quiz results, again we recommend you always test this beforehand.

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