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How do I mark a completion manually?
How do I mark a completion manually?
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A step by step guide on how to manually mark resource enrolments and pathway enrolments as complete

There might be occasions when for whatever reason a resource enrolment and a pathway enrolment needs to be manually marked as completed.

It could be a SCORM file that hasn't recorded the completion properly or there could have been a problem with new resources being added and not tracked correctly and the user doesn't need to do them so marking them complete is OK for reporting purposes. You could even need to observe someone doing something before marking the resource/activity as complete.

Whatever the reason within analytics you have the ability to both archive completions and mark resources and pathways as complete. This functionality is only available to full admin roles.

Resource Enrolments

Within the enrolments tab in Analytics, you'll see a full list of resource enrolments that are either not started, in progress, completed, failed, or overdue.

In this case, the 'Test' resource has been completed and there is no quiz score or pass mark. If you click the burger menu (3 dots) on the right-hand side an option will come up to archive the enrolment. This used to be a red bin icon.

By clicking on this 'archive enrolment' you will archive the enrolment and clear any progress so the user's progress is reset and archived.

A warning message will come up as this cannot be undone

Once this is select the user will be able to complete the resource again and generate a new completion record (and quiz results if a quiz is included)

Having pressed the archive enrolment button and then started but not completed the same resource you can see a new option available when you click on the burger menu. The 'Complete Enrolment' option, this will only show when a resource enrolment is started and in progress but not yet complete.

If you press the 'complete enrolment' the records will update and the enrolment will be marked as complete

Important Note about Quizzes

Please note that we don't recommend marking completions manually unless absolutely necessary and without good reason.

One thing to be aware of when manually marking an enrolment is that if a quiz is included in the resource the enrolment will still be marked as complete and add the 'pass mark' or total questions available e.g 3/3 as the screenshot shows. However, the user hasn't actually answered the questions.

This will be shown within the enrolment record as 'incomplete' and no answers will be shown within the quiz results.

Pathway Enrolments

The functionality is exactly the same for Pathways. If a pathway is already complete you will only see the option to 'archive enrolment'.

If the pathway is 'not started', 'in-progress, 'failed' or 'overdue' you will see the option to 'complete enrolment.

In the above example, the pathway is 33% in progress and if you click the actual pathway you can see the individuals progress

By selecting the 'complete enrolment' button for a pathway this will mark ALL resources within that pathway as complete

You'll get a warning message before the action is complete

The pathway will then be marked as complete

On clicking the pathway enrolment you can then see the resources within that pathway have also been marked completed

You also have the ability to recalculate progress if required if you think the pathway and resources are not correlating. This will then recalculate the pathway progress and give the most up to date progress score.

Please note that quizzes within any of these resources in a pathway will also follow the same behaviours as quizzes in a single resource enrolment. This means the quizzes will not have answers but may show a score e.g 3/3


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