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We now support multiple languages on Looop.

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You can now change your language on Looop. This can be done for the whole account or individual users can change the language just for their profiles.

To change the language on the account (for everyone), head to account - customise:

Select the dropdown under language and choose one of the options:

Make sure you scroll to the bottom and click save to make changes.

To change the language on your own profile or another user's profile, head to account - people and click the user's profile. Scroll down to the language dropdown and select a language. Click update details to make the changes:

Please note content in resources (content created by you) won't be auto translated, only headings and navigation text on the platform is auto translated. You are able to create resources in whichever language you choose, so we recommend creating language specific workspaces for users to be able to access resources in their language.

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