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Display your links in a more user-friendly way.

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Using link previews gives us a glimpse of the relevant website you are linking to. Normally, the preview will contain a header, a description, a preview image, and an icon. This gives your user a little preview of the purpose of the link and offers more context as to what the content is about.

To get link previews added to your account, please contact Looop Support.

Once this is done, head to account - customise and enable link previews:

Please note by allowing link previews, data such as title, images and descriptions will be publicly available for anyone who has a link.

When this is enabled, your resources link previews will be set as the follows:

  • Resource title - preview header

  • Resource description - preview description

  • Cover photo - preview image/icon

The link preview will appear as below:

In Looop:

In Slack:

In MS Teams:

Below outlines which content is included on link previews and will become publicly available depending on where you're sharing the link:

Sharing a URL to a published resource

  • Resource title

  • Resource Summary

  • Cover image

Sharing a URL to a published Workspace

  • Workspace name

  • Description

  • Cover Image

Sharing a URL to a published Pathway

  • Pathway title

  • Description

  • Cover Image

Sharing a URL to an active User Survey

  • Survey name

  • "Survey" (as description)

Sharing a URL to a published Event

  • Event title

  • Description

Any other link share will always display the organisation name and Organisation logo, and if cover images are not uploaded (for resources, workspaces, pathways etc), the organisation logo is used as default instead.

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