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Looop SCIM 2.0 API
Looop SCIM 2.0 API

This is a guide on how to setup a custom application that supports SCIM provisioning to work with Looop.

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Looop LMS SCIM 2.0 API provides ability to provision users to a platform from external source.

You can find the most recent version of SCIM 2.0 API documentation as it is implemented in Looop by following this link.

Important Notes

  1. We support SCIM Patch operations, it means that to make a partial update of a record -- you need to supply properly formatted Patch operation (see our doc or SCIM RFC), not just partial record

  2. We do not support Schemas endpoints that are optional according to SCIM standard

Connecting to Looop


  1. You need to have Organisation Admin account on Looop

  2. You need to have SCIM enabled for your account by going to account - authentication - provisioning.

Configuration Instructions

  1. Log in as organisation administrator

  2. Go to account - authentication - provisioning. and find SCIM Integration section:

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