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Google Drive Integration
Google Drive Integration

Follow these steps to embed your Google Drive docs into Looop

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To get Google Drive enabled on your account, please contact your Client Success Manager or Looop Support.

Once Google Drive has been enabled, go into the resource builder and choose Google file from the elements list:

Click select file to embed and then choose your Google Drive login details:

Please note: In order for Google Drive to work, you must be on a business account and not a personal Google Drive account. This will not work if you're using a personal Google Drive account.

Once you've logged in, you'll be able to see your shared drives and available files:

It's important to ensure you have the right sharing access set for the Google doc you're wanting to share. For example, if you have an excel document which is set to 'restricted', that means only users you add into the Google document will be able to view it in your resource:

Whereas if you set it to 'anyone with the link' that makes it open to anyone the resource is shared with and you don't need to worry about manually sharing the document via Google first:

This guide shares the different permissions levels so you can ensure the correct access is set up within your Google account.

Once you're happy with your permissions, choose the file you'd like to share:

You'll see the file has embedded into Looop, and can be expanded using the Open page reader button.

You can upload PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, Google Maps, Powerpoint Presentations, Videos and Forms and these will all be embedded into your resource.


There are a couple of things to consider when using Google Drive.

The first is that users must have Cookies enabled for the embedded documents to appear. If they don't they will see the screen below:

This guide will help you ensure this is set up.

The second is a user may be presented with the following screen if they haven't been given access to the doc:

If they're presented with this screen, they can either click request access that you'll need to approve, or you'll need to go back into your Google Drive account and check the document is shared with the user via Google Drive if it's set to restricted. Alternatively you can change the link to anyone with the link can view so that it is accessible to everyone who opens the resource.

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