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Here's how the Organisation owner of your Looop account can log in as any user on the account.

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This feature allows the Organisation owner of your Looop account to log in as a user on the platform and be able to view the platform as the user would see it. There can only be one 'Organisation owner' for your Looop account and this can only be changed by the Looop team.

The ability to log in as a user is especially helpful if someone is experiencing access issues. By logging into their account you can determine if their access is incorrect or if it's user error.

To access this feature, head to 'account' - 'people'.

You can then search for the user you require and click on their profile. Scroll down to the bottom and select 'create new session':

A login link will pop up. Right click this to open the link in an incognito window. Please remember to log out once you are done so you can log back in with your own profile.

If you're unsure of who the organisation owner is on your account, please contact Support. Please note only one organisation owner can be set per Looop account.

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