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What is the difference between comments & feedback?
What is the difference between comments & feedback?

Comments and feedback on Looop are different, find out how in this guide.

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  1. Once a user has scrolled to the bottom and gets the message 'you have completed this resource' a feedback box pops up:

2. Users are asked to mark how useful they found the resource:

3. Once they have done this, they can leave written feedback should they wish:

This feedback can not be seen by other users, only by admin users. The author of the resource will be notified by email that written feedback has been left on a resource.

4. To see this feedback, or to see what a user has rated the resource, go into the resource and select the feedback icon:

5. You can reply to the feedback by selecting the email icon next to the users name:


Comments can also be left at the bottom of a resource and these can be seen by all (don't worry admin can delete comments if they wish!).

Comments can be used a social aspect and people can reply or talk to each other, and also admin can comment too should they wish.

At the bottom of the resource you can turn on to be notified of new comments if you wish, the author of the resource will be notified via email:

Allowing users to comment on a resource can however be turned off if you wish on the settings section:

To delete a comment, use the red X button:

Please note feedback emails are sent out to the resource author once per 3 hours. Comments on resources go out once a day.

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