Full administrator

Anyone who is full admin can do everything on Looop, except view other people’s dashboards. They can add users, delete users, change the logo, change the toolbar, add workspaces, add resources, see analytics, create campaigns, create pathways and create users insights too.

General user

General users have basic account settings. They can view workspaces/pathways/certificates that have been shared with them or they're given access to.

They cannot edit anything, unless they are assigned as a workspace administrator or group administrator (detailed below). They also cannot invoke the context menu on a video element.

Workspace administrator -

Click on the workspace you wish to make the user admin in > manage workspace > access tab. Choose one of the below:

  • Can edit resources, members and reports - essentially an admin of the workspace, can edit content & series, can view reports and add/remove users

  • Can edit resources - can edit content in the workspace, but not change access or view reports

  • Can view resources - can only view themes and resources.

Can edit resources:

This user can:

  • Add resource(s) to the workspace

  • Edit resources in the workspace

  • Reorder resources in the workspace

  • Delete resources in the workspace

  • Copy resources

  • Create theme

  • They can not edit the workspace setup

  • They can not share resources.

Can edit resources, members and reports:

This user can:

  • Archive workspaces (only if they are set to full admin admin as well - general user's can't do this)

  • Edit workspaces

  • Share resources

  • Manage users in the workspace

  • Manage groups in the workspace

  • Switch workspace between public/private

  • Manage bookmarks.

Group administrator

Click on the group you wish to make the user admin of, find their name and click on the drop down next to their name:

Selecting group administrator means this user can see the analytics for anyone in this group.

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