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How to set up account name logins
How to set up account name logins

How to use account names instead of email addresses.

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This feature allows users to login with a chosen account name instead of an email address. This is great for when users do not have email addresses. However you have to choose whether to do account name login, or email address login - you cannot do both on the same domain. Existing users will be able to login with their email address as their account name, however any new users being added to the account will need to have an account name set when uploading them to the platform, this replaces the 'email mapping is required' and cannot be an email address.

If you wish to do an account name login, it would be beneficial to choose the same type of account name that every employee would use so it’s consistent. Common examples are: employee ID number, payroll number or first initial with surname e.g. rking.

Please ensure account names are entered without any spaces e.g Rachel King should be rachelking, rachel-king or rachel_king. Lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, single dashes and single underscores are all allowed.

In addition, you also need to choose a password that users will use. Again, we suggest using the same thing for all users and information that you already have access too, e.g. date of birth, start date. 

Some customers opt to use the same password for everyone eg Looop!

This information all needs to inputted onto Looop in order for the users to gain access (see to do this), and next to the account name choose the field account name and next to the password choose the field password

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