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How do pathways work?
How do pathways work?

Think of pathways like a Spotify playlist...

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Workspaces = Music album

Resource = Song

Pathway = Playlist

The content/resources need to sit within a workspace (album) in order to be pulled into a pathway. The workspace can be private or open depending on how you wish to use pathways.

If the workspace is private but the user has access to the pathway they will be able to view the resources via the pathway only.

If a user is given access to the workspace and also the pathway, they will be able to access the resources in two separate ways. We recommend only giving users access via pathways, rather than the workspace too, especially if you want to report on compliance training as you could risk receiving two separate activity reports for a user and an incomplete pathway.

You can use a mixture of pathways, resources or workspaces to share content with a user, this will depend on the initiative and what you are wanting to achieve.

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