To upload a SCORM course to Looop, you'll first need to contact Looop Support to get SCORM added to your account.

Once that has been actioned, create a new resource and select SCORM as the resource type.

Upload your SCORM zip file into the element field and hit publish once it's 100% uploaded.

Please note, we only host SCORM courses, so for any issues with your course, such as incorrect quiz marks, or the course not marking as done after completion, you'll need to contact your SCORM provider.

We do recommend using SCORM 2004 edition for SCORM files that you wish to track quiz marks and responses. We also recommend testing the tracking and reporting thoroughly before using SCORM content.

The SCORM course always automatically launches first and the resource landing page is only visible upon exiting the course. To prevent this, you can add a text & images element (as shown in the image below) so the resource is forced to show the landing page first before launching the course.

In order for your SCORM courses to work correctly on Looop you'll need to ensure your third party cookies are enabled within your browser. To find out how to do this, please visit

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