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Updating resources to latest version
Updating resources to latest version

Follow these steps to ensure you're seeing the most recent version of your resources.

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For versioning control, check out this guide too!

If you’re unable to see your updated resource when going back to view your workspace, there are a couple of things you can do.

The first thing to be aware of is if the changes are made to a resource that a user is part way through, then the restart pop up button (screenshot below) will appear when the resource has been updated.

Clicking reset will allow you to see the latest published version, however clicking resume will keep you in the previous version.

If a user has already completed the resource (which doesn't have a quiz in it), they will get the latest version, and see a notification like below:

For resources that have been completed and include a quiz, an additional pop up will appear after selecting the get latest version button to explain the impact on existing quiz results if they restart the resource:

You can also re-share a resource with yourself or a user by going to the manage workspace area and selecting share:

Select the resource(s) you wish to share and click share x resources. Choose yourself or the user that is unable to view the updated resource by entering the relevant user email address and select continue. Ensure reset existing workbooks is selected and click share. (Reset existing workbooks is the same as reset existing enrolments)

Once you go back into the resource after completing these steps you should then be able to see the updated resource.

If you’re still unable to view the updated changes, please log out of Looop and clear your browser cookies & cache. You can then login and should be able to see the correct content.

If you still have issues after following the steps above, please contact us at

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