Branding your account

Follow these steps to change the branding on your account.

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On Looop you can easily customise the look of your organisation account to reflect your corporate branding.

  1. To get started, navigate to your dashboard, select account and then customise.

  2. Here you can name your organisation, change your timezone and upload an image for your account logo.

3. You also have the option of allowing users to update their own information and adjusting the top toolbar colour to match your business colours.

4. Once you've made the necessary changes, select the save button at the bottom and refresh to see your updates. You're then ready to move on to the authentication and notification tabs.

5. Authentication allows you to enable self signup, whitelist domains and select OAuth services. Tick the relevant boxes where necessary and your changes will automatically be saved.

6. Adjusting notifications allows you to customise the email that appears on your users inboxes when notifications are sent from Looop.

This makes your notifications much more personal and will look like notifications are coming from you rather than from us.

7. You can also opt in or out to new content and comments emails in this tab.

It’s as easy as that. Help learners feel at home and maintain your internal branding consistently by customising your organisation’s account.

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