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Adding a quiz to your resource
Adding a quiz to your resource

How to use quizzes in Looop.

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Looop’s quizzes are auto assessable, you have the option of single select, multi select, open and free text.

  1. In your resource, select the quiz element at the bottom for your page type.

  2. You then need to choose which quiz option you would like to use.

3. Enter your question, and as many answers options as you like.

4. For single select and multi select you to need to tell the system which is the correct answer by selecting the circle to the left of the answer.

5. Users only get one opportunity to answer the question. Providing feedback to your learner is important to ensure you are anchoring the learning by advising the learner of the correct answer. (If you are allowing the user to retry then you may not want to use this feature.)

6. You can set a passmark for your users, click on settings and set the passmark as below:

7. If you wish you can also allow your users to retake the quiz, just turn the allow retry button on. Once enabled, you can choose the number of attempts you wish to allow. You can allow up to 10 attempts or leave it unlimited - this is the default.

8. If the quiz is set up to allow several attempts and the user has not passed it, they may retry. Under the last question you can see the result of your previous attempt and the 'Retry this quiz' button. The 'Retry this quiz' button and the number of attempts are available are shown at the top and the bottom of the page. A learner cannot retry if they have already passed the quiz successfully.

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