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Creating a workspace and theme
Creating a workspace and theme

Your guide to creating workspaces and themes.

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There are three layers to consider when creating your learning content on Looop. We call these workspaces, themes and digital resources.

Workspaces are defined as the overarching initiative (think manager development, induction, change enablement etc.)

Need to deliver more than one resource at a time? No problem. At Looop we call this a theme. A theme is a flexible collection of resources that highlight broad role responsibilities or core concerns. Before you get to adding resources to a theme you first need to create one.

Digital resources are the final step, and these are the questions your target audience have in relation to the initiative (workspace), or the info that they don't know they need to know. 

Creating a workspace

  1. To create a workspace, bring up the sidebar and select create

2. You can set the workspace to open or private, depending on if you want it visible to everyone on the platform.

3. If your workspace is set to open, everyone you add to the platform will automatically have access to your content within the workspace. However if it's set to private, you will need to add users to the workspace. To do this, go to manage workspace, select the access tab and select add groups or users.

4. Enter your users names by typing directly into the text box, or select users and groups using the icon on the right hand side.

5. You can update your workspace's cover image and name by selecting the settings icon. You can also delete a workspace here.

6. The bookmarks tab and description tab are our newest additions to workspaces. Bookmarks allow you to create 'shortcuts' that can be linked to the workspace. For example, if you have 2 new manager workspaces that are both relevant for the same group of people, you could set up a bookmark for the second workspace so users can easily access both workspaces in one place.

To set up bookmarks, head to the bookmarks tab and select + add bookmark. You can choose to add just the link or you can upload an image too which will appear as a banner link. To enable the banner images, you'll need to select yes to large bookmarks:

To add the bookmark you'll need to provide title text and a valid link:

Once you've selected create you'll be able to view your bookmark(s) by heading to view workspace:

The description tab allows you to provide more information about your workspace. This could be a brief overview of the topics included, or who the workspace is for. To add this, head to the description tab and enter your description:

You can also use the image icon to add a banner to your description to brand it further. The description will autosave and you'll be able to see the description when going to view workspace:

For details of ideal dimensions for workspace cover images, resource cover images and banner images, check out this guide.

Creating a theme

  1. To create a theme, select manage workspace in the right hand corner and scroll down to the bottom of the page to select create a theme. Don't forget to give your theme a title.

You can easily re order your themes by using the up and down arrows next to the theme title.

To add existing resources to your theme, select the move icon next to the resource title and then find the relevant theme. 

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