When sharing content in Looop, users not already in your organisation are automatically created and added to your contact list. You can also create users manually from your address book. To start adding new users to your contacts list, navigate to your dashboard and under Organisation select Contacts

Enter your contacts manually

1. Select the green plus icon in the top right hand corner and add your contacts. Email address is a required field, however, you can also add more detail by including their name and position. Simply separate each detail with a comma, and put every new user onto their own new line.


Upload a CSV file

1. Choose your file to upload and select submit. This method allows you to import your contacts directly from Outlook or any other email system, and is perfect for setting up a larger organisation.

If you are not sure how to export your Outlook contacts, here is a link to help


2. Once you have entered your data or selected your file, you will be taken to a new screen where you will match up the data to available field types. One of your field types must be an email, other field types can be selected from a list of supported types.

When you have matched your fields, simply confirm by selecting OK. Invite contacts button and your new users will be automatically created.

Every new user will be sent an email from Looop inviting them to your organisation, along with a private access link to allow them to securely log in for the first time.

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