Creating a quiz on Looop is easy, and here are a few options you’ll want to know about when you’re writing your quiz.

To add a quiz to your training, in your resource select the quiz element for your page type. Looop offers three quiz types: Single select, Multi select and Open.

Single Select
This is your classic ‘multiple choice’ type question. Set a few options, choose one (or more) correct answers. Your learners will be able to select only one response, and you can provide feedback for each answer. Great for when you have a clear right or wrong answer.

Multi Select
Similar to single select, however, learners can select more than one option, which means you can ask a different sort of question. Ask learners to identify the top three reasons, or choose from things which are or aren’t related.

A whole new world, open quiz types allow you to ask questions without defining a correct response. What is your favourite colour? Which strategy do you prefer? Are you a cat person or a dog person? You can see the collected responses when you report on your topic and get an insight into how your learners think/feel.

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