Multimedia pages are made up of text and images. You can get text from websites, PDFs, emails or simply start typing. Here’s how to get started

  1. Select the text & images element at the bottom of your resource
  2. Copy the content you want to use from email, PDF or website and paste in the text box. Alternatively, you can just start typing
  3. If your text contains hyperlinks, you can keep the hyperlinks in place, edit or remove them by clicking on the text and selecting unlink

4. To add images, select and drag the image into the text field

5. Alternatively, you can select the picture icon from your toolbar and choose an image to upload

6. Once your image has been uploaded, you can adjust the size by selecting the image and dragging the corner as shown below

7. You can hyperlink and reposition your image by selecting the image and edit

Looop auto formats the text within your training to ensure a clean and continuous look is maintained throughout your training, even if you pull content from numerous locations or multiple users add content to your resource.

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